About Us

Wind Tech is a leading artificial intelligence and data science consulting company at the forefront of technology development. We help businesses create an AI strategy complete with a road map, implementation and support services.  Our expertise in machine learning and deep learning combined with a clear understanding of data analytics, business processes, and enterprise architecture enables us to easily solve problems and create custom solutions within a diverse range of industries.


Why Work With Wind Tech?

We’re a company that brings together highly specialized skills, knowledge, and experienced resources that focuses on customer needs and expectations by leveraging our professional relationships and networks to provide best-qualified resources. Our diverse range of services enables us to complete projects without the need for a company having to seek multiple development partners. Wind Tech is highly experienced in taking projects throughout the entire process from proof of concept through implementation.

Our Approach

Wind Tech has created solutions within a wide range of industries from start-ups to pharma, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. However complex the project, we can help your business increase efficiency and profitability. We work with your team to determine what is needed for your enterprise to meet its goals. Wind Tech offers advice and implementations after first making sure we understand your business and that we interpret the data correctly to efficiently meet those goals combining our skills and innovative approach we are able to complete projects on time, on budget and with exceptional results.

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Wind Tech is a team of professionals that love and take pride in their work

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Wind Tech is a leading Artificial Intelligence consulting and technology development company.  Our diverse range of services enable us to take your Business Enterprises technology needs from concept through implementation followed by ongoing support services